Varied experience deployed to solve your business problems

Experience in numerous market sectors at National, International, European and Global levels, means we can rapidly transfer our skills and apply them to your business environment. Here are some condensed highlights. Contact Us today to see how we can help.


Financial Services

Leading the Procurement function of a UK Bank through a major business transition required the recruitment of the team to support a business wide Cost Reduction programme, outsourcing significant Procurement projects, and leadership of disparate Commercial teams, to provide the foundation for a new approach to follow.



Enabling business growth and margin enhancement through changing the sourcing process for key activities, enhancing the Design to Procure process, improving Far East Sourcing and running multi-country Cost Out programmes, while supporting critical bidding activity


Business to Consumer

Buying a broad variety of goods and services always focused on enhancing the customers experience - whether driving substantial changes in the markets for direct materials, or redesigning the customer experience by changing back office systems.


Business to Business

Working with suppliers and business development to build solutions for business customers who needed buy everything from cars to aircraft and cherry pickers.  Creating win-win-win deals for all parties, while enhancing Supplier relationships to significantly enhance value to the customer and client alike.



Time spent in the Chemicals and Furniture Manufacture sector gave a substantial experience of everything from stock availability, stockturn improvement and Lean methodologies to new product introductions and multi-site collaborations.


Business to Government

Providing outcome specific procurement services in areas as diverse as Health, Prisons, Government Secure IT, Rail and Personal Transport, while identifying common purchases to deliver sustainable cost reduction and enhance business growth through bidding activity.